Create Stunning Garden Edging Borders And Walls

Transform your lawn and garden area effortlessly with the help of DIY metal edging, designed to adapt to any desired curves with virtually invisible joins. Or create retaining walls using concrete sleepers with steel posts to maximise your space or separate your garden beds.

Whether you’re looking to define your footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, garden beds, tree rings and planter beds our versatile edging options have got you covered.
Easy transaction, very informative and good price. The transport was good too put the sleepers exactly where we wanted them for ease of completing the job. Recommended Luke Rowland

10 Year Guarantee

Garden Edging
Australian BlueScope Steel

25 Year Warranty

Concrete Sleepers
40MPa - Engineered

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Why Buy Our Garden Edging Products?

Metal Garden Edging - FormBoss®

Corten Steel Metal Edging

Redcor Steel Edging

From $35.20 ex-GST
$38.72 inc-GST
FormBoss Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel Edging

From $35.20 ex-GST
$38.72 inc-GST
Redcor tapered stakes

Stakes Tapered & Angled

From $3.30 ex-GST
$3.63 inc-GST
Formboss galvanised garden edging corner inside lip


From $39.50 ex-GST
$43.45 inc-GST

Rust Steel Garden Rings - FormBoss®

FormBoss large planter rings

Redcor 580mm - 1554mm

From $60.50 ex-GST
$66.55 inc-GST
Galvanised garden rings 770mm x 150mm

Galvanised 580mm - 1554mm

From $60.50 ex-GST
$66.55 inc-GST
FormBoss unjoined Rings In Warehouse

Joined & Unjoined Available

From $112.00 ex-GST
$134.20 inc-GST
3 Tiered Planter 390x580

3 Tiered Planters

From $462.00 ex-GST
$508.20 inc-GST

Product Range

Sunset Sleepers Malibu Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers

From $33.00 inc-GST

Retaining Wall Posts

From $31.68 inc-GST
Sekit Fireworks Customer Installation

Outdoor Screen Panels

From $78.00 inc-GST

Shop Online - Coming Soon

Rust Steel Fire Pits

From $155.00 inc-GST

Why install FormBoss Garden Steel Edging?

FormBoss, a special metal edging system, creates unbroken lines with hidden fasteners and few visible join lines above the soil. Not only does it define borders and distinct areas with smooth, clean lines around garden beds, lawns, footpaths, and driveways, but it also allows for the creation of complex shapes such as curves, corners, and intricate flowing designs without the need for messy joins or expensive machinery.

Three Finishes Available

We offer three finishes, eight different heights, and three different gauges, making it the perfect customizable solution for any design idea. Its rolled top lip profile makes it much stronger than just the steel gauge and conceals the connectors and stakes for a nice rounded top lip that is safe for both kids and pets.

FormBoss Is A More Affordable Option

Compared to plate steel and aluminum, FormBoss is a more affordable option, and its installation costs are lower. Additionally, using FormBoss steel garden edging eliminates the need for frequent reinstallation of traditional edging systems, saving time, money, and backache in the long run. 

Build A Retaining Wall With Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers - 40MPa

Marina Plain Concrete Sleepers 2400x200x80

Marina Plain - Smooth

From $30.00 ex-GST
$33.00 inc-GST
Marina Charcoal Concrete Sleepers 2400x200x80

Marina Charcoal - Smooth

From $32.00 ex-GST
$35.20 inc-GST
Malibu Charcoal Concrete Sleepers 1800x200x80

Malibu Charcoal - Woodgrain

From $41.50 ex-GST
$45.65 inc-GST
Manhattan Concrete Sleepers 2000x200x80

Manhattan Charcoal - Stackstone

From $42.00 ex-GST
$46.20 inc-GST

Concrete Sleepers - 50MPa

Natural Concrete Sleepers

Natural - Smooth

From $30.00 ex-GST
$33.00 inc-GST
Raven Concrete Sleepers

Slate - Smooth

From $34.00 ex-GST
$37.40 inc-GST
Amazon Raven Concrete Sleepers

Amazon Raven - Stackstone

From $49.00 ex-GST
$53.90 inc-GST
Stackstone Raven Concrete Sleepers

Raven - Stackstone

From $48.50 ex-GST
$53.35 inc-GST

Why install engineered concrete sleepers?

The strength and durability of concrete sleepers are essential to ensure the safety and longevity of the structures they support. To deliver top-notch concrete sleepers that meet the needs and expectations of our customers these products adhere to all specifications outlined in the engineering datasheets. Refer to the concrete sleepers page.

Two options available with concrete rating

Opting for 40MPa concrete sleepers with 2xN12 reinforcement bars is an excellent choice for domestic purposes. Both types of sleepers provide engineered strength, and the decision to select one over the other depends on factors such as the desired wall height and the variations in patterns and colors available.

The 40MPa concrete sleepers come with a thicker internal reinforcement bar of 2xN12, which allows for the construction of higher walls compared to the 50MPa sleepers with 2xN10 reinforcement bars. However, it’s essential to note that the concrete’s strength is slightly lower in the 40MPa compared to the 50MPa option.   For detailed information about maximum wall heights based on the sleeper dimensions, I recommend referring to the data sheets available on the respective product pages.

Concrete Sleepers are a better option than timber

 Concrete sleepers offer an impressive service life of 30-50 years, making them a durable and long-lasting choice for various applications and the advantage of not rotting and twisting, unlike timber alternatives.

Create The Perfect Backdrop With Steel Screens

Sekit Panels
Sekit Panels

Why install our steel screens?

Steel decorative screens add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. They come in various intricate patterns, designs, and styles, allowing you to choose a look that complements your existing decor or creates a focal point in your environment. 

Great value for money

These garden screens are good-quality fit for purpose products that will withstand harsh Australian conditions made with a unique 13mm backing frame with a 1mm steel sheet making them superior in strength and stability, also safe & easier to handle/install.

Create an Illuminating visual display

What sets these screens apart is their adaptability in creative applications. By combining them with a translucent acrylic panel, you can create a stunning lightbox effect, allowing light to pass through and creating an elegant and illuminating visual display. This feature is particularly captivating in both indoor and outdoor settings, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to any environment.

Customers Reviews

Peter has been great to work with. He has gone above and beyond to get delivery to our property on a hill with very limited access. The price was right. The service was right. Highly recommend!!!!
Anthony Hill
Peter has been amazing to deal with. He has patiently answered all of my dumb questions. The communication and service has been top notch, as well as the moral support. Highly recommended!
Brad Vigon
I received my corten steel garden edging today and was very happy with the service. Thank you Garden Supplies & Peter
B Middlebrook
Excellent service & communication. Lovely product too.
Vitina Ferraro

Why We Only Sell FormBoss Garden Edging

FormBoss® steel edging simply will not split, warp, buckle, crack, chip or invite termites like traditional edging. FormBoss® steel edging gives you total freedom of design, with clean modern designer looks and an option of factory custom shaping. Edging is available at a range of heights from flush, up to 450mm retaining walls. The FormBoss® system will do wonders for the look and feel of your garden. Our large range of circular raised planters make a perfect veggie garden for home grown citrus and fresh greens.

You Wont Be Disapointed

Elegant. A seamless line with virtually invisible joints, hidden connectors and stakes.
Shapeable. Create the shapes you want, from intricate curves to endless straight lines, and right angle bends without the need to cut and join.
Strong. Stronger than aluminium and traditional edging materials. Flexible prior to installation.
Durable. Steel does not crack, split, rot or dint and it’s guaranteed to last for at least 10 years. Safe. The rolled top hides the connectors and stakes, leaving no sharp exposed edges.
Applications. Suitable for footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, garden beds and steps. Any job big or small in public spaces or domestic gardens.
Choice. Available in three finishes, eight different heights and three gauges.

Lawn Edging 10 year structural guarantee

Australian made Redcor & Galvanised steel quality for both commercial and domestic applications. 

All “FormBoss®” Steel Garden Edges are covered by “FormBoss® Steel Garden Edging Guarantee”
We’ve provided you with a guarantee to ensure you have peace of mind. FormBoss® is guaranteed to stand the test of time, regardless of the steel finish you choose.

ZAM® Steel Covered By A 15 Year Structural Guarantee

Redcor® &  Galvanised steel are covered by a 10 Year Structural Guarantee & ZAM® steel for a 15 Year Structural Guarantee.
Soil and atmospheric conditions vary incredibly depending on the location of installation. Our steel edging systems will last up to 40 years in dry conditions.

We Can Supply Trade With Edging Steel, Concrete Sleepers & Retaining Wall Posts

Get a variety of metal garden edging, concrete sleepers and retaining wall posts 100UC & 150UC for any sizable project.

We understand the importance of your project and are committed to providing the product within the allocated time to complete the work.

Our products  are of high quality and strength, to meet your customer’s expectations , whether it is residential or commercial.

FormBoss Casey Fields garden edging
Lonsdale Concrete Sleepers 2000x200x100

Customer Installation Photos

No matter the design we can supply the steel to add visual interest to your garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Edging
Yes, orders for DIY customers can be collected from Frankston South 3199. Trade customers with a registered business can also collect from the warehouse located in Croydon 3136
Concrete Sleepers

Yes, available from either the Dandenong 3175 or Officer 3809 warehouse.
Steel Posts
Yes, either from Hallam 3803, Bayswater 3153 or Craigieburn 3064 warehouse.
Steel Screens
Yes, from the Dandenong 3175 warehouse.

* Prior to collection all orders must be paid in full and confirmed ready prior to arrival.

Garden Edging & Steel Screens
We use multiple transport companies to get you the fastest delivery service and most companies will charge $100 within Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.
Concrete Sleepers & Retaining Wall Steel Posts
The minimum delivery rate for 1 pack (10) of concrete sleepers is subject to the postcode within 30km from Dandenong 3175  or Officer 3809 at a charge of $260 inc GST with a forklift to unload. We can include your steel with your 50MPa concrete sleepers at no extra charge, or delivery starts at $150 inc GST.

Garden Edging
Yes, 4 lengths at 2,440mm, due to the way we source and supply the product. For most small projects 4 lengths seem to be the minimum needed to get the job done.
Concrete Sleepers
Yes, due to the way we source and supply the product in packs the minimum we can supply is 10 standard sleepers or 8 heavy-duty sleepers (1 pack).
Steel Screens
Yes, a minimum of 3 screens to get our very low price per screen.
Retaining Wall Steel Posts
No, you can collect one post if needed.

Yes but on occasion, we have special pricing on selected products or can offer a discount based on order quantity.
ABN holders within the landscaping or building industry are entitled to trade pricing if they register with us.

Regrettably, we cannot offer refunds for concrete products, retaining wall steel posts  due to restrictions related to transport and handling imposed by manufacturers.

Concrete sleepers are susceptible to developing cracks if mishandled during transportation. Considering the potential costs associated with returning the items, it may not be economically viable. We strongly advise you to carefully assess your requirements and confirm the correct quantity and type of concrete sleeper before making a purchase.

For steel garden edging we do offer returns if you have purchased the wrong product, but this does not apply to custom product orders. You must contact us first and return the product within 5 days to Garden Edging. Unfortunately, we charge a 20% restocking fee of the total order amount which will be deducted from your refund to cover our cost to discount the product for it to be resold. Redcor steel when new is stored with a thin oil coating on its external surface and when the product is handled and comes into contact with the elements, it initiates the natural rusting process. It’s important to note that once this process begins, it cannot be reversed. Consequently, the item cannot be considered new.

Returns for steel decorative screens will not be accepted once the product wrapping has been removed. However, for unopened packaging, we do offer the option of a return, subject to a 20% restocking fee.

*Refunds will only apply for purchases under $500 inc GST for steel garden edging and for steel decorative screen.

If you cancel prior to us paying our supplier and the transport company, we can arrange a full refund minus any credit card fees via a bank transfer within 5 business days. Unfortunately, if payment was made to our suppliers any non-refundable amounts will be deducted from your refund to cover our costs from the suppliers. No refund will be offered if the product was made to order.

Unfortunately not, we only sell the products as shown. We may be able to assist by recommending installers if available in your area.

10 Creative Ways To Use Metal Edging

1. Use it to create defined planting beds

2. Edge a pathway or patio

3. Separate different areas of your garden

4. Edge a garden pond

5. Create steps

6. Edge a driveway or parking area

7. Edge around table seating area

8. Create a fire pit

9. Create a water feature

10. Create unique shapes around trees

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