Retaining Wall DIY

When it comes to your Retaining Wall DIY project, Garden Supplies exclusively offers engineered concrete sleepers in an extensive variety of lengths, thicknesses, colors, and patterns sourced from reputable Melbourne manufacturers.

Irrespective of the scale of your project, we can provide the necessary steel size/length and sleeper length/thickness tailored to your specific design or engineered plans. Choose between 40MPa or 50MPa concrete strength, ensuring the optimal durability for your project’s requirements. Trust Garden Supplies to fulfill all your needs for a successful and robust retaining wall DIY endeavor.

Replacement of rotted timber retaining wall with concrete sleepers

Walls Under 1 m High

Small retaining walls and concrete sleeper garden edging that do not exceed 1m or more in height do not require a permit.

Careful planning is essential for a successful retaining wall installation.

Consider factors such as;
Soil type, slope, and intended function.
Hole depths should be determined prior to purchase retaining wall steel posts
Property access for delivery of materials and machinery is required

How To Build A Concrete Sleepers Retaining Wall

 Images supplied by Artisan Building and Construction 

Installation Photos (step-by-step)

The featured retaining wall is constructed as a non-permit structure, designed to be just under 1 meter in height.

Have supplies delivered close to wall if possible for easy handling.

1.8 tonne excavator.

450mm auger.

450mm wide.

1100mm deep.

Setting supports and using string line to ensure a straight wall and at the correct height.

Filling holes with 25MPa concrete approx .2 m per hole.

Allow a minimum of 24hrs for concrete to set.

You can hire or purchase a sleeper grab that has an 
opening width 140mm and
safe working load  350kg.

Concrete sleepers fitted in channels.

After installing the first row to ensure a level foundation,  confirm that the top sleepers are also level.

Roll out the plastic membrane for easier installation, 50m rolls can be purchased.

Plastic membrane installed with overhang.

The plastic membrane covers  back of  wall, providing a protective barrier.

Ag pipe laid on a slope of at least 10mm fall per meter.

Aggie pipe 100mm socked.

Option to use either 7mm or 20mm scoria for backfilling.

Fill scoria 300mm back from wall.

Allow for soil to cover folded plastic membrane over  scoria.

Another happy customer!

Garden Supplies provides on-site estimates for those who opt not to undertake the DIY approach.

Upon accepting the provided quote, the recommended retaining wall installers will proceed with the project. Following the completion, Garden Supplies conducts a follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.

The endorsed concrete retaining wall installers boast years of experience and adhere strictly to quality standards. They do not compromise on the construction process for cost reasons. It’s a commitment to building it right or not at all, regardless of lower quotes from competitors.

Walls Over 1m High

When it comes to retaining wall work around the home, sometimes it can be difficult to know when you can do-it-yourself and when you need to call in a professional concrete retaining wall installer.

A building permit in Victoria is required for all retaining walls that are:
• constructed on or near site boundaries where there is a risk of damage to the adjoining property, and/or
• 1m or more in height.
A structural engineer will also be required to determine the correct hole depths, steel thickness/length and sleeper thickness/length. See retaining wall engineering table for maximum heights based on concrete sleeper selection.
40MPa Concrete Sleepers – Height Capacity

*Garden Supplies cannot be held liable for any retaining walls built incorrectly due to the wrong materials ordered. We can offer advice but the responsibility lies with you as the customer to have followed council guidelines and engineering.

Sunset Sleepers customer installation photo Marina plain concrete sleepers retaining wall
Sunset Sleepers customer installation photo Marina plain concrete sleepers

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