Outdoor Screen Panels

Create your own sanctuary, blending privacy and elegance seamlessly with our outdoor privacy screens.

Explore innovative fence height extension ideas to elevate your space, providing both seclusion and aesthetic appeal. Our range of privacy fence panels ensures you find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Garden Supplies jungle rust outdoor screens 1800x900
Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with our exquisite collection of outdoor wall art and garden wall art. Our selection includes stunning outdoor decorative screens, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style.

Available in Rust

Available Painted

Delivery & Pick Up Available Dandenong South 3175

RUST & PAINTED - 1800 x 900mm

Don’ Pay $139.00 Save $14.00

Minimum order of 3 screens $125.00 each 

Flora rust outdoor screen panels
Sekit Fall 1800x900


Sekit Jungle 1800x900


Sekit Gum 1800x900


Sekit Forest Screen


Sekit Fireworks1800x900


Sekit Outback Panel


Sekit Umbrella Leaf 1800x900

Umbrella Leaf

Sekit Flora 2400x1200


Sekit Solid Panel


PAINTED ONLY - 1800 x 900mm

Don’ Pay $139.00 Save $14.00

Minimum order of 3 screens $125.00 each 

Sekit Bamboo Panel


Sekit Weave Panel


Sekit Palmleaf Panel


Sekit Kelp Panel


Sekit Rain Panel


RUST ONLY - 1800 x 900mm

Don’ Pay $139.00 Save $14.00

Minimum order of 3 screens $125.00 each 

Sekit Wreckage


Sekit Daisy Panel


Sekit Nameless Panel


Sekit Nameless Screens Installations

RUST & PAINTED - 2400 x 1200mm

Don’ Pay $260.00 Save $25.00

Minimum order of 3 screens $235.00 each 

Garden Supplies jungle rust outdoor screen
Sekit Jungle 1800x900


Sekit Gum 2400x1200


Sekit Flora 2400x1200


RUST & PAINTED - 1190 x 590mm

Don’ Pay $95 Save $10

Minimum order of 3 screens $85.00 each 

Sekit Gum 1190 x 590


Sekit Jungle 1190 x 590


Sekit Fireworks 1190x590mm


Sekit Forest 1190x590mm


Sekit Forest Screens Pergola
Sekit Fall 1190x590mm


Why Install Our Outdoor Screens

All outdoor decorative screens feature a unique 13mm backing frame and a robust 1mm steel sheet, ensuring superior strength, stability, and ease of handling/installation. Built to withstand harsh Australian conditions, these garden screens offer versatile applications such as screening, fencing, creating backdrops, or making a bold statement.

Explore their adaptability with options like pairing with a translucent acrylic panel for a lightbox effect or incorporating LED lighting to simulate day and night. Elevate your outdoor space with our quality fit-for-purpose products, perfect for various uses like outdoor wall art, garden wall art, outdoor screen panels, and privacy screens.

Yes, due to the way we source the decorative panels at lower prices we  need to supply a minimum of three panels  to pass on the savings.

Yes, you can pick up from the warehouse located in Dandenong 3175

Yes, we can arrange delivery across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns once the product wrapping has been removed,  as product cannot be resold at the retail price.

Please refer to the Victorian Building Authority  website on what’s permitted

All panels have a  13mm backing frame which can be drilled and screwed onto your structure, giving a secure fix.

Although steel panels are durable and sturdy, there are some simple maintenance guidelines to follow to make sure they continue to look great for a long time. Use a light spray of water from a garden hose to soften the stains or dirt, do not scrub with a hard bristle brush to clean the face of the screen.

Unfortunately not, we only sell the products as shown. We may be able to assist by recommending installers if available in your area.

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