Redcor Garden Edging

All lengths are 2440mm.
Connectors and screws included per length.
Stakes not included, to order click here.

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Designed for the utmost simplicity, requiring minimal tools.

Effortlessly install garden edging with this straight forward do-it-yourself process.
The flexibility to fold corten steel it makes shaping corners and curves a breeze, catering to profile heights of 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 185mm.
For profiles ranging from 230mm to 580mm, corners will need to be purchased to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Click here

Burying 30mm of the edging ensures it’s well positioned and screws remain out of sight.

*Stakes are not included and will need to be ordered. Click here

Flat Stakes (Tapered)
For edging profiles from 75mm to 185mm

Angled Stakes
For edging profiles from 230mm to 580mm
The minimum stake length should be double the edging profile height
These stakes are specially manufactured to suit both higher strength jobs and retaining applications.

Steel garden edging will appear light grey almost polished when first purchased off the shelf.
This is simply because it is supplied to us with a thin film of oil on the outer layer, ensuring it doesn’t start rusting on the shelf.
It will take anywhere from a few weeks to 4 months to get an even coating of rust.

New Redcor Edging Un weathered

We aim to offer the best delivery service.

Garden Supplies provides a prompt delivery service by coordinating with cost-effective transportation companies that operate across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula region.

Schedule Your Delivery:
Once payment received delivery scheduled within 24hrs.
Lead time 3-7 days for order to be delivered.
On the day of delivery, you’ll receive either a call or a text message notifying you that your order has departed from the yard, along with an estimated arrival time.
Securely Strapped:
All orders are securely strapped to guarantee safe transit to their destination.
Delivery Confirmation:
In the event that no one is available to receive the delivery, rest assured that we’ll send you a photo confirming the safe delivery of your order.

FormBoss Redcor Delivery By Garden Supplies


1.6mm gauge with 5.5mm top width, 2.0mm gauge with 6.5mm top width, 2.5mm gauge with 7.5mm top width


75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 185mm, 230mm, 290mm, 390mm, 580mm

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