Redcor Garden Rings

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Connectors and screws supplied if unjoined.


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All steel garden rings are sold with safety top fold and can be disconnected and connected with ease based on your preferences.

Select diameters ranging from 580mm to 1554mm, perfect for creating defined raised garden beds or highlighting your favorite plants. Beyond their visual appeal, corten steel is renowned for its resilience, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Enhance your garden with these rings, adding a touch of modern elegance while embracing the enduring charm of weathered steel.

Made from Australian BlueScope steel with a 10 year guarantee and a 40+ year lifespan.

Lawn Edging 10 year structural guarantee

Available steel gauge (thickness)
75mm to 185mm high @ 1.6mm gauge
230mm to 580mm high @ 2.0mm gauge

Fast Simple Installation:

580mm & 770mm diameter garden rings come joined with the ease to disconnect the one connector.


390mm high garden rings and above are connected with screws and rust coloured pop rivets.

1165mm & 1554mm diameter garden rings come unjoined with the option to have them joined at a charge, supplied with two connectors and screws.

FormBoss unjoined Rings In Warehouse

Creating your own custom large diameter rings for raised garden beds and tree rings.

This can be easily achieved using the 2440mm steel edging lengths. View Edging Profiles
You can easily form your desired diameter if working with 3 lengths of edging and the larger it is, the easier the connection becomes, simplifying your final join.
The rolled top lip ensures clean connections; utilize your smart connector with the rolled lip positioned at the bottom for a seamless and efficient assembly process.

Refer to our Garden Edging DIY page for instruction videos, also how to connect un-joined rings for 1165mm & 1554mm diameter.


580mm supplied joined, 777mm supplied joined, 1165mm supplied joined, 1165mm supplied unjoined, 1554mm supplied joined, 1554mm supplied unjoined


75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 185mm, 230mm, 290mm, 390mm, 580mm, 850mm

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