Redcor 3 Tiered Planter 390mm High

Centre ring 777mm diameter.
Supplied fully joined.

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Transform your garden into a vibrant oasis by installing a 3 tiered planter.

This elegant and space efficient gardening solution allows you to maximize your greenery in a stylish way. Begin by selecting a suitable location with ample sunlight and good drainage for your planter. No assembly required just place onto even soil. The bottom tier is perfect for larger plants or vegetables with deeper roots, while the middle and top tiers provide ideal spaces for cascading flowers or herbs. Fill each tier with nutrient rich soil, and strategically arrange your chosen plants. Water thoroughly and watch as your garden blooms in a visually appealing, tiered display. This functional and aesthetically pleasing addition not only adds depth to your garden but also makes it easier to care for and enjoy your favorite plants.

3 tiered planter supplied when new.

The rust process can take between 1-2 months to develop an even coat.


777mm supplied joined

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