Fire Pit Round Base

Rust steel.
750mm bowl diameter.
Comes in two pieces.

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Robust Design Enhanced by Visual Appeal

Any outdoor area is made more sophisticated and inviting by the unique rusting patina of a corten steel. The earthy, natural colors go well with various landscaping designs and create a focal point that subtly improves the atmosphere as a whole. As the fire pit matures, the changing patina also adds to a dynamic visual experience. With little upkeep needed, the protective rust layer enhances their aesthetic appeal and does away with the necessity for painting or other protective coatings. This makes it an affordable and hassle-free option for people looking for an inexpensive outdoor element that requires no upkeep.

Bowl: 750mm wide
Round base: 300mm top & 500mm bottom wide
Bowl & base: 520mm high



300mm top & 500mm bottom wide x 325mm high.
Comes in two pieces.

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